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Greening the data center part 3: Data Deduplication

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Data deduplication is one of the most obvious choices for reducing overall infrastructure costs within the data center, which also reduces power, cooling, and floorspace requirements for IT.  Data deduplication at the file level (unstructured data) can be used to reduce duplicates within production storage.


Data deduplication is more effectively used on both structured data (databases) and unstructured data (files) on backup storage, where the process does not impact performance. For backup data, dedupe ratios of between 10:1 and 15:1 should be easily achieved (this always depends on data types and retention periods of course) across the organization. Look at it this way, If you can get a 2:1 dedupe ratio, you need 50% less storage. If you get a 10:1 dedupe ratio, you need 90% less storage. If you are storing 90% less, you need 90% less power and footprint, which greens your data center.   One of ther best side benefits of data deduplication though is more efficent data replication for Disaster Recovery or Continuance of Operations (DR and COOP). A ratio of 10:1 is very achievable on most production data types over time. If you only need to ship  deduped data across a WAN link, it gets to the other side faster and with reduced infrastructure costs.�


Chris Poelker

Chris Poelker

Chris Poelker is Falconstor's Vice President of Enterprise Solutions and author of Storage Area Networks for Dummies.

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