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Other views on how the traditional technology model is being challenged in 2009

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A colleauge of mine brought this little gem to my attention, and in the interest of sharing, I thought ya'll would also find it interesting. http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2009/01/02/it_trends_2009_fforecast/ Quick Excerpt: "Just about every major company funds a junkyard of application systems and technologies attached to them.

Few have had the incentive to fix this, much to the consternation of corporate IT departments. Remember the IT cost justification for that ERP system - all those systems that it would replace, but somehow never did. And recognize the fact that this residue of junkyard legacy counts for a big part of the IT budget, and generates lots of operational inefficiency.


Depression-level economics will force line managers to actually take charge of this expense they unknowingly caused. Expect systems on which the company is apparently so dependent to go, and with them much of the IT junk. As a result, expect a lot of high margin break/fix work that propped up the cash flow of legacy IT companies to disappear." I believe this is simply another validation of the ODS model, in that during economic downturns, IT needs to focus on reducing the cost of providing services to the business. Your thoughts and comments are welcome

Chris Poelker

Chris Poelker

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