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Paul Kruschwitz

Paul Kruschwitz

Paul Kruschwitz is Falconstor's Director of Product Management.

Website URL: http://www.falconstor.com

When I read the announcement "EMC Transforms Backup and Recovery Landscape…", I was surprised to find out that their new DD990 was "over 6x faster than their nearest competitor."  If we compare this to FalconStor's enterprise solution offerings currently available, that would mean that the DD990 could ingest data at a rate of over 168TB per hour.  Hmm, let's consider the facts. FalconStor can ingest a sustained 28TB per hour with our inline global deduplication. So then I ventured to the EMC website and found that they actually ingest data at only 31TB per hour inline (PEAK).  FalconStor also offers the option to utilize policy-based post-processing for an ingest performance of 40TB per hour and the flexibility to switch between inline and post-process deduplication based on the particular needs of the business because one size does not fit all. Looking closer at EMC's posted numbers, you will find that they only get 15TB per hour inline ingest without utilizing BOOST.  BOOST requires the customer to host the deduplication processing on their backup servers, which creates hidden costs and complexity.

We could detail the advantages of the FalconStor products vs. EMC, such as flexible deduplication, high availability, simplified licensing, and many other features, but common sense should put EMC's statement into the 'too good to be true' category.  It looks like FalconStor’s position as having the fastest sustained deduplication speeds in the industry still stands, with 28TB per hour with inline deduplication and 40TB per hour with post-process deduplication.


Side Note: As I travel the country talking to companies, I have been asked why I have not posted another blog entry in a long time. I guess I could justify it by saying that I don’t have anything new worth saying, and that I don’t want to waste your time with a lot of marketing hype.  That may be true, but the real reason is just a lack of time.


Most companies can get a better Return On Existing Assets (ROEA) by simply adjusting their backup policies. The economy is forcing all companies to look for ways to make their existing assets go further.  Although I work for a company that has many products that can help do that, the first area every backup administrator should look is at their existing backup policies. 


If you are going to run your VTL near it's capacity, you need to understand how to insure that you are not retaining data that your backup application has already expired. An advantage virtual tape has over physical tape is that the storage for a virtual tape can be assigned to other virtual tapes when not in use.



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