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Lately, I’ve come across a number of blogs, articles, and webinars discussing how to convince CFOs to commit sufficient resources to the data protection solutions their organizations need. With many IT budgets getting tighter and resources getting thinner, cost is often a top (if not THE top) factor to a CFO when making a decision like this. Laying out a strong case obviously involves being able to quantify a number of critical criteria, including the total cost of the solution. But honestly, it’s not always easy to determine your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

This is where our brand new TCO Benefit Estimator can help you. We recognize that it’s tough to compare costs on data protection and virtualization solutions – so we’re simplifying the process! Based on industry research by Alinean, this tool allows users to evaluate the actual operational costs associated with a FalconStor solution versus the costs of a current solution in place.

FalconStor Total Cost of Ownership TCO Tool 

Visit the self-guided version here and input your variables to see how you can maximize your IT budget. You can also always set up an appointment with a FalconStor representative to guide you through the tool and get a customized analysis for your specific environment and needs by emailing salesinfo@falconstor.com or calling +1 866-NOW-FALC.

Try out our TCO tool today and see if you’re one of the many organizations that could be saving money on its data protection or virtualization solutions.

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Congratulations to our Day 1 VMworld Europe winners!

iPad Winner: Volodymr Khablo from Kyiv, Ukraine
Kindle Winner: Ivo Chikok from Stockholm, Sweden

VMworld Europe Day1 iPad Winner

VMworld Europe Day1 Kindle Winner
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We recently introduced the FalconStor IBM Series product offering which gives IBM Business Partners the opportunity to provide significant business value to your customers by filling a very critical market need – addressing the data protection requirements of your customer’s organization, while helping to improve their overall bottom line.

FalconStor is an industry leader in deduplication flexibility, scalability, high availability and performance, and is the only vendor that offers the unique ability to select the type of deduplication that works best for your customers.

"In the six years we've been partners with FalconStor, our clients have had nothing but praise for the FalconStor VTL backup and deduplication solution. Many of them have been asking for an IBM-based appliance for some time," said Ken Scott, director of storage sales for Cima Solutions Group. "The FalconStor VTL IBM Series appliance addresses the needs of small to medium-size businesses... With this new appliance, we can serve the IBM-based midmarket more effectively – shortening sales cycles and getting customers up and running faster."

Why is the FalconStor IBM Series deduplication feature best in the market?

  • Your clients can complete their backup within the window, keeping it as short as possible with industry leading backup performance 
  • Your clients will be able to grow with their data – they will have the comfort of knowing they will not be forced into expensive, time consuming, equipment swapouts when they need more capacity. They can buy what they require now and upgrade later. 
  • Reduce cost of storing long term archive date and defer backup server upgrade costs by offloading work from the backup server with tape integration

Here is what one satisfied customer had to say:
"FalconStor VTL with integrated deduplication has enabled us to save storage space, hardware, energy, and time, while reducing backup windows and enabling high availability. The most amazing part is that we have managed to store 180TB of security copies in 30TB of physical space." 
-- Leticia Bernardo González, Administrator of Distributed Systems, Grupo Antolin

Learn more
Register for a webinar on October 8th for IBM Business Partners to learn more about the solution and how to sign up to sell the new FalconStor IBM Series. Just click here and you will be able to sign up for the webinar or just learn more about the FalconStor solution and partner program.

Don’t forget!
FalconStor has a promotion running through yearend that will allow your customers to get 6TB of storage free for every 6TB purchased.

If you would like to contact someone at FalconStor directly, please send an email to Phil Mandato at Philip.mandato@falconstor.com.

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FalconStor recently announced a deduplication offering on IBM Server and Storage technology that fills a critical need among Midmarket customers to reduce storage requirements and accelerate backup operations. While many enterprise customers have already implemented deduplication solutions, the majority of midmarket customers are still in need of solutions to help manage exploding data growth. FalconStor is a publicly traded software company and an IBM Business Partner providing storage and deduplication solutions; and FalconStor recently announced the FalconStor VTL IBM Series product offering designed explicitly to bring enterprise class dedupe capabilities to IBM midmarket customers. This fills a critical market need and provides you the opportunity to grow your IBM storage revenue in Midmarket while providing your clients significant business value.

Why should you take the time to learn more?

  • There is a critical market need to help midmarket customers manage exploding storage volumes
  • You will have a dedupe solution to sell IBM midmarket customers, including IBM i
  • It will provide you a competitive advantage in the market
  • You can leverage your existing investment in IBM Storage resources and skills
  • FalconStor has an extremely lucrative partner program

Why should you act now?

  • FalconStor has a promotion running through yearend that will allow your customers to get 6TB of storage free for every 6TB purchased

What is the next step?
Register for a webinar for IBM Business Partners to learn more about the solution and how to sign up to sell the new FalconStor IBM Series. Just click on the “Register Now” link to sign up for the webinar of your choice:

Sales Webinars: 
        September 24, 2013  Register Now
   October 08, 2013  Register Now
   November 12, 2013  Register Now
Technical Webinars: 
   October 22, 2013  Register Now
   November 19, 2013  Register Now
   December 10, 2013  Register Now

If you would like to contact someone at FalconStor directly to learn more about the FalconStor solution and partner program, please send an email to Phil Mandato at philip.mandato@falconstor.com

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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is IBM’s data protection solution that addresses customers’ needs for enterprise and application protection, SAN management, and storage resource management along with backup and restore. TSM has very powerful capabilities; but, as with any software, it also has a few functions that could be enhancement by complementary solutions. FalconStor VTL extends TSM capability by integrating with and strengthening some TSM elements. These include functions such as enhanced deduplication for space savings, replication for immediate disaster recovery, tape emulation for simplified disk-based data protection, and enhancements of key TSM functions such as reclamation and collocation.

The specifics are beyond the scope of this blog, but here are a couple of examples.

When FalconStor VTL is used in conjunction with IBM TSM, storage devices are treated as streaming devices, allowing for more sequential writes to a disk layer. This gives organizations the flexibility to substitute tier-one disk with lower cost disk. The result is higher performance TSM functionality, transparent to the TSM application, at a lower overall cost.

With FalconStor VTL, TSM treats virtual tape exactly as it does physical tape while minimizing load/unload operations during tape rotation. Because the tape life is now based on disk, FalconStor VTL extends the life expectancy of physical tape. The increased lifespan reduces the number of tapes needed for rotation.

Sound interesting and like to learn more? Check out FalconStor’s TSM solutions brief.

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