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2015 has brought numerous and exciting changes to FalconStor.  As an early pioneer and industry leader in innovative, software-defined storage solutions, we often have thoughts and expertise we would like to share.  Here at FalconStor,  we strive to provide IT organizations and customers with solutions that provide the flexibility to BE FREE.  Our newest platform, FreeStor is all about delivering the freedom and flexibility to manage storage sprawl and truly unify heterogeneous storage infrastructures.  We also like to  provide thought provoking and alternative views to Storage challenges, infrastructure, and the industry itself.  Check back often for our latest thoughts and BE FREE to share your thoughts and comments.  After all, ideas spark other ideas, and community discussion shapes cultures.  Let’s share and learn together. | Sincerely – Gary Quinn – CEO

By Pete McCallum – Director, Data Center Solutions Architecture - FalconStor
21 Aug 2015

Let’s face it; embracing new storage technologies, capabilities, and upgrading to new hardware often results in added complexity and costs. The reality is that when IT equipment, platforms, and applications do not integrate with one another, the resulting “sprawl” of storage islands and silos on disparate systems can be costly, risky, disruptive, and time-consuming.  But it does not have to be that way. 

Few organizations have the luxury of performing a massive infrastructure replacement or maintaining completely identical infrastructures for primary and secondary storage. Hardware/platform incompatibility, different system generations, different architectures, and different media types can compromise even the most diligent efforts at protecting and replicating business critical data.

A properly architected Software-defined storage approach can ease many of these integration and management pains.   Software-defined storage implemented at the network fabric layer, abstracted from the underlying hardware, will bypass storage sprawl issues because it standardizes all tools, data services, and management. 

Horizontal, software-defined storage deployed across the infrastructure in a common way should accommodate storage silos on geographically dispersed data centers, locally on different storage systems, or across physical and virtual infrastructures. Software-defined storage eliminates the accumulation of point solutions, and regards all storage as equal.  This enables the delivery of common data services like migration, continuity, recovery, and optimization that can be executed consistently across the entire storage infrastructure. That reduces complexity, the numbers of silos to manage, as well as lowers licensing costs for data services array by array.

The key to solving the problem is not to solve it at all, but to work with it, through a truly horizontal software-defined storage platform that can marry unlike infrastructures, including arrays, servers, hypervisors, and the private or hybrid cloud.  It’s time move the industry forward and BE FREE to eliminate the legacy of silos and infrastructure complexity.

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